A fireplace isn’t just a source of heat;

It’s a work of art that warms the soul.

Ignite your space with the magic of a fireplace,

Where ambiance meets allure.

Flames ignite, rooms come alive, warmth.

Every flicker of flame tells a story of cozy nights and cherished moments.

Creating the hearth
of your home…

Get the fireplace you’ve always wanted this season with Signature Fireplaces

Signature Fireplaces for all your fireplace and accessory needs this winter!

Welcome to Signature Fireplaces! We have been serving homeowners and builders in the Ottawa Region for more than 25 years! You’ll experience first hand the latest in fireplace home décor.

We offer a wide range of products from modern to traditional, gas, wood and electric fireplaces. See the latest trends on building your outdoor living space into an extension of your home.

We offer in-home consultations to installation by our certified technicians. Contact us for a free estimate, by phone or by e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you and Creating The Hearth Of Your Home.

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